SHOOTING STAR PARTIES Where YOU Are the Star of the Party!

SHOOTING STAR PARTIES Where YOU Are the Star of the Party!

SHOOTING STAR PARTIES Where YOU Are the Star of the Party!SHOOTING STAR PARTIES Where YOU Are the Star of the Party!SHOOTING STAR PARTIES Where YOU Are the Star of the Party!


Anyone who would like a craftily-edited, socially distant video of birthday messages from friends and family to birthday boys and girls, we will produce them FREE OF CHARGE. We'll collect the video messages and edit them together with as much movie magic as we can jam in. SHOOTING STAR PARTIES: VIRTUAL EDITION, if you will. 

This is going to get tougher and tougher on the kids the longer it goes on, so this is just a little something to hopefully help make these unfortunately-timed birthdays more fun and memorable for them.  For info on how to coordinate your Virtual Shooting Star Party Video, email or call 914 246-0160. 

Custom Made Movies - Starring Your Kid!

Customized Unforgettable Fun for Your Child

Beyond bouncy houses and balloon animals, SHOOTING STAR PARTIES makes your child the star of their very own movie, which we'll produce AT their party. Your child and their guests will not only get to "act" in the movie, they will create crafts and costumes to be used in the film. You provide the food and cake, we'll do the rest!

And the best part- at the end of the party the kids get to gather 'round and watch the movie magic they created. That's right, your child's customized movie will be completed by the end of the party! And you get to keep it as a truly unique keepsake of an unforgettable day.


Movie Themes

Whether you child is into superheroes, sports, music, space, princesses or princes, SHOOTING STAR has a movie for them! 

  • "WIZARD WARS" - The kids will attempt to outwit the dark wizards and save their hero! (Recommended for ages 6-11)
  • "SPACE RESCUE" - The kids will take on the evil space empire in a battle for space superiority! (Recommended for ages 6-11) 
  • "MAJOR LEAGUE MAGIC" - Our hero mysteriously acquires sports superpowers! (Recommended for ages 6-11)  
  • "A ROYAL RUCKUS" - A regal celebration is interrupted by a villain with a poisonous plan! (Recommended for ages 5-11) 
  • "SUPERHERO SOIREE" - Our superhero must fly, jump and web their way out of trouble to defeat the arch villain! (Recommended for ages 5-11)



  • PERSONALIZED PARTY MOVIE - Craft activity provided and supervised, customized movie produced, screened and delivered at end of event. $350
  • STANDARD PARTY VIDEOGRAPHY - Edited and scored video of your party, delivered in 7 days. (No crafts or activities provided) $150
  • ***NEW*** MUSIC VIDEO!!  - The kids rock out to their favorite song and make magical musical movie magic!  (Also makes for a great rainy day indoor alternative) $250

*Currently available in Westchester County, Greater New York City, and Fairfield County, CT.

Email for info

Check Out This Video From a Recent Shooting Star Party!


Q: Do my kid or their guests need to know how to act to be a Shooting Star? 

A: No! If they can play Simon Says- they're all set. 

Q: Does my kid need to be interested in movies to be a Shooting Star?

A: No! Shooting Star events are designed to be universally fun for all. 

Q: How do I get more info?

A: Email

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